Oil Job Duties

By | December 11, 2010

Oil field jobs require the person to manage the working of the oil field or the oil rig. The oil jobs may be either offshore or onshore.

The oil field supervisor supervises the working of the oil rig. He manages the workers schedule and the various drilling and exploration activities. He trains crews for drilling operations and also evaluates projects and progress of the work.

The oil rig nurse has to provide medical and healthcare facilities to wounded oil rig workers and in case of emergencies. She has to assist doctor in providing medical facility. She has to ensure proper healthcare services to the people and carry out operations along with doctor in times of need. She has to supervise and do onshore evacuations of the injured people in times of need and has to ensure availability of medical equipments in the oil rig regularly.

The oil field engineer applies scientific and mathematical principles to develop drilling equipments and techniques used on the oil field.  The oil field engineer supervises technical difficulties and interacts with oil engineers to develop oil drilling and exploration activities and projects. Apart from that, the oil field engineer also promotes safe working techniques to the oil field workers.

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