Oil Field Supervisor Job Duties

By | December 3, 2010

Oil Field Supervisor Duties

The oil field supervisor has to look after the oil field duties and supervise the working of the staff and workers. The supervisor has to analyze the working schedules and patterns of the workers and see to it that they are working well. The oil field supervisor has to supervise and maintain effective working of the oil field. The oil field supervisor is required having knowledge of the working techniques and systems of an oil field.

Oil Field Supervisor Job Duties

  • Forwarded drilling and exploration reports to the government for their evaluation.
  • Supervised crew working schedules
  • Managed oil field operations and activities
  • Management of the workers and reported their working capabilities.
  • Scrutinized the time schedules and made strategies to develop the working conditions of the workers.
  • Responsible for daily reporting of drilling and other activities of the field.
  • Trained crews on the various operations of the oil field.
  • Prepared reports of drilling amounts done regularly.
  • Reviewed projects of using crude oil into different forms.
  • Reported progress and working evaluation of the new staff.
  • Suggested and interacted with engineers providing them information about effective drilling operations and efficient handling of the machines.


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