Oil Field Engineer Job Duties

By | December 3, 2010

Oil Field Engineer Duties

Oil field engineer applies scientific and mathematical principles to provide solutions to bring solutions to the technical problems and defects faced in the oil field. He is the communication link between the economists and the scientific people. He tries to develop solutions for the technical problems through economic turn. The oil field engineer manages the problems and handles them and ensures their solution. He spends most of his time in the oil field solving the problems and difficulties. The oil field engineer is required having knowledge of the working techniques of the oil field and its properties.

Oil Field Engineer Job Duties

  • Repaired technical equipments using modern hardware tools.
  • Conducted research to develop and improvise the installed devices.
  • Supervised drilling and exploring operations.
  • Installed oil drilling machines and checked their proper functioning
  • Suggested and interacted with engineers providing them information about effective drilling operations and efficient handling of the machines.
  • Supervised construction of machines and tools used in drilling operations
  • Improved oil well production and arranged for new modified oil drilling tools.
  • Oversaw drilling and offered technical advice to achieve economical and satisfactory progress.
  • Demonstrated safe working practices and techniques to the employees.

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