Office Services Manager Job Duties

By | May 9, 2013

An office service manager is an employee of a company who is also often known as an office administrator or administrative services offer and is responsible for overseeing the everyday activities of the office or the workplace to ensure that everything is running smoothly. An office service manager must possess exceptional managerial or administrative skills to coordinate the activities of the staff members and take care of several work issues such as technology, shipping, supply.

There are many other job duties which an office services manager has to perform. The following are some of the major duties of a person working at the post of an office services manager in a company.

Sample Office Services Manager Job Duties

  • The main duty of an office service manager is to administer the activities of the staff of an office or company and see to it that all the activities are running smoothly without any glitches.
  • Another duty of an office services manager is to coordinate and sync the activities of the employees so that there is no confusion or delay in achieving results and everyday goals.
  • An office services manager is also required to troubleshoot any problems which are faced by the office in general such as shipping issues, supply order problems, problems related to IT etc. He/she must apply his/her expertise, experience and knowledge to get the workplace out of a crisis or a minor problem.
  • Another job duty of a person working as an office services manager is to make decisions which will be beneficial for the workplace.
  • He/she must be able to manage and administer the day to day activities such as arranging stationary, getting computer systems repaired, paying bills, arranging meetings etc.
  • It is the duty of an office services manager to look into staff complaints and resolve them.

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