Office Manager Job Duties

By | December 3, 2010

Office Manager Duties

An office manager has to run the administration and look after the efficient working of the office. He has to supervise employees, creating an effective working environment and also supervise the work and duties of the employees and the office status. The office manager has to know about the working techniques of the office and create reports of the office progress and the working employees.

Office Manager Job Duties

  • Recruited new staff and supervised training camps for them.
  • Supervised working schedules and efficiency of the employees.
  • Prepared reports of the progress of the office and the various departments of the office.
  • Observed daily activities of the office.
  • Reported changes of the office to the head office
  • Conducted meetings with superior clients of the office to evaluate their relationship and activities with the office.
  • Supervised transactions and data files maintained by the clerks.
  • Interacted with the various departments of the office to evaluate their working
  • Ordered machinery and supplies needed for the regular office working.
  • Took phone calls of esteemed clients and attended their queries.
  • Supervised accounts of the employees and gave conformation nods to the accessed eligible accounts for their entry.
  • Coordinate and oversee the various business functions of the office.

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