Office Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

The office jobs are related to people working in government offices or any other office in saying. Office jobs require both clerical and administrative work by the people.

The office administrator supervises the overall working of the office. He has to recruit employees, manage files and also evaluate working of the employees. The office administrator has to overlook the working of the various departments. He has to ensure effective working condition o the office and see to it that all the employees are there. He also has to supervise the working of the employees and update the databases and systems of the office.

An office manager has the responsibility to look after the administration and management of the office. He has to recruit employees and provide training sessions for their development. He has to make regular reports of the progress of the office and also supervise accounts and activities o the office. The administrator has to communicate the people from the various departments on a regular basis and make reports.

The office assistants perform the regular clerical duties like taking calls, managing messages, handling data and files and folders of the office. He has to make a record of the employees on a daily basis and handle paperwork.

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