Office Assistant Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Office Assistant Duties

The candidate must know how to operate the tally software and one of his important job duties is to handle the front desk of the office. She will have to face the clients at the front office and hence it is necessary to have excellent communication skills.

Job Duties of an Office Assistant

  • Her basic job duty will be handling the Front Desk of the organization. She must receive all customers with a smiling face and see that every customer leaves the office with a smiling face.
  • She will have to prepare the ledger maintenance, bank/ cash transactions and day to day regular activities etc. She will have to present these reports to the senior members of the management on a regular basis.
  • Besides operating the Tally Software, she will have to all internal calls which may be coming from the clients or from the vendors. She will also have to respond to all emails sent by the customers and give them appropriate replies.
  • She shall have to take care of attendance by maintaining the attendance register. It will be also her job duty to maintain all reports in a proper manner.
  • Every office needs a lot of stationary and it is the duty of the office assistant to maintain all the stationary items in proper stock.

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