Office Administrator Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Office Administrator Duties

Office Administrator is responsible to the Executive Director for giving direction, organization and management of the office policies, actions and scheduling of work time and assigning staff and office volunteers.  Moreover, the Office Administrator will have to provide assistance in the funding procedure that includes research, reports and follow-up statements.

Job Duties of Office Administrator

  • You will be responsible for the execution and ongoing maintenance of the office policies and procedures.
  • Scheduling of office volunteers in a suitable manner so that it ensures smooth operation of organization.
  • Supervise and order supplies according to the budget guidelines of your organization.
  • Provide assistance and proficiency to staff and volunteers in determining care receiver problems.
  • Plan, implement and carry out office employees and office volunteers training meetings as desired.
  • Propose and execute staff communications programs to ensure ongoing, constructive up and down communications throughout the organization.
  • You will have to pass on responsibilities to deserving staff and volunteers to make sure that the everyday functions and assigned projects are fulfilled.
  • Take care of the staff management to ensure that they have performed well for the specific tasks, assignments allotted to them.
  • Take initiative to encourage the growth and provide support in the assessment process of the staff.

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