Nutritionist Job Duties

By | June 22, 2012

Nutritionist job duties include guiding the clients about eating healthy food items. Nutritionists are required to have complete knowledge about vitamins, minerals, fats, calories and other nutritional values in various food items. It is essential to undergo a course in food and nutrition or other similar degree course if you are aspiring to get into this position; having a relevant work experience acts as an added advantage while looking for a job for this position.

Nutritionist Job Duties

  • Nutritionist is required to cater to the nutritional needs of his client.
  • Nutritionist needs to attend the clients/ patients who come to him for different nutritional problems.
  • Nutritionist is required to give information related to the nutritional value of various food items to the clients and suggest them appropriate food as per their body type and based on various other factors.
  • Nutritionist needs to prepare diet plans for his clients and ensure that they follow the same.
  • Nutritionist is required to inculcate good eating habits in his clients.
  • Nutritionist may even teach the method of preparation of certain healthy food items to his clients.
  • Nutritionist needs to give information about the fat, vitamin, mineral, carbohydrate, protein and other dietary supplements in various food items and also guide the clients on the amount of intake of each of these.
  • Nutritionist needs to provide information about how much and what all should be consumed in each meal.
  • Nutritionist is required to study the client’s medical history before suggesting the amount of nutrition to be consumed.
  • Nutritionist also needs to study the client’s current eating habits, daily activities and various other aspects before suggesting any nutrition plan to him.
  • Nutritionist also needs to inform the clients about maintaining proper hygiene.
  • Nutritionist may be required to assist the clients suffering from different ailments with their nutritional needs and help them get better.

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