Nursing Supervisor Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Nursing Supervisor Duties

Nursing Supervisor will be mainly responsible for all nursing staff serving under their regulation. He or she needs to take care of the Nursing records that should be properly maintained. It is one of the major duties to see whether the reports are given correctly at the end of each shift. In every shift it is their responsibility to check that the proper levels of equipment and supplies are reserved in stock.

Job Duties of Nursing Supervisor

  • If you are employed in this position it will be your duty to ensure that hospital policies and procedures are appropriately interpreted and applied in addition to serve as resource person for decisions regarding patient care services
  • You should assist in developing a list of objectives for the Nursing Department which are attuned with and complimentary to the purposes and philosophy of the hospital.
  • You must communicate and interpret the philosophy and aims and accomplishment to Administration, the Medical Staff, and other departments.
  • You are expected to plan various activities related to nursing services and it may include surgery or pediatrics. In the patient care units, it is your duty to look after and see that patients are satisfied as their requirements are fulfilled.


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