Nursery Manager Job Duties

By | March 21, 2014

A nursery manager is an individual who manages, administers and supervises a childcare setting and looks after the smooth functioning of the nursery.  A nursery manager basically manages and supports the staff, the facility and takes care of each aspect that is involved in the day to day operations.

To become a nursery manager, an individual must have an interest of working with children and should possess good managerial skills as well. Below given are the major nursery manager job duties:

Nursery Manager Job Duties

  • One of the primary duties of any person working at the position of a nursery manager is to create a safe and caring child care environment which promotes learning and growing.
  • Another important duty of a nursery manager is to monitor the staff, delegate them duties, and see to the smooth functioning of the staff activities and hold staff meetings.
  • It is the duty of a nursery manager to supervise the activity planning so as to ensure that all the needs of the children are met.
  • Making sure that all equipments such as toys, furniture, whiteboards, and decorative items are in proper condition and in sufficient amounts.
  • The wellbeing of the children and the staff also forms a part of the duties of a nursery manager.
  • A nursery manager must also be a part of the recruitment process of the staff and also train them.
  • It is the duty of a nursery manager to plan and manage the budget of the nursery setting and make sure that it is properly monitored.
  • Another duty which a nursery manager must fulfil is to create management reports, maintain database of students and teachers and arranging the marketing material etc.
  • To work in accordance with health and environmental regulations is a duty of a nursery manager.

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