Nurse Practitioner Job Duties

By | June 22, 2012

Nurse Practitioner is a registered nurse who has attended advanced training in examining and treating different injuries and diseases. Nurse Practitioner who is also referred to as Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner works in coordination with the doctors and other medical staff to treat various medical conditions. Nurse Practitioner may be employed at hospitals, nursing homes or may even provide nursing services to the patients at their residence.

Nurse Practitioners job duties include handling certain less complicated medical conditions without the intervention of the doctors and assisting the doctors in complex cases. They may have attained expertise in different medical practices like psychiatry, dental health, pain management, etc. The job outlook for nurses continues to be promising but with competition. Continuing your education will help you stand out from your peers ensuring that you have a fulfilling career to go along with a promising future. For more information about nursing programs click here.

Nurse Practitioner Job Duties

  • Nurse Practitioner is required to examine the patient’s health condition and treat them accordingly.
  • Nurse Practitioner needs to perform treatments taking help from other medical staff as well as doctors.
  • Nurse Practitioner needs to prescribe medicines to the patients based on their medical health.
  • Nurse Practitioner needs to study the patient’s medical history before starting with the treatment.
  • Nurse Practitioner is required to make sure that the patients take the correct dosage of medicines on the prescribed time.
  • Nurse needs to inform the patient and his family members about the treatment that he is required to undergo.
  • Nurse Practitioner needs to ensure that all the paper work and other formalities are complete before starting with the medical treatment.
  • Nurse Practitioner is required to work with different medical instruments for examining the patient’s medical condition and for conducting the medical procedures.
  • Nurse Practitioner is required to stay updated with the latest technological developments in the medical field.
  • Nurse Practitioner needs to calm the patients before they are taken for any major medical treatment such as surgery, etc.
  • Nurse Practitioner is required to assist the doctors during critical medical treatments and surgeries.




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