Nurse Paralegal Job Duties

By | June 21, 2013

A nurse paralegal plays a supportive and important role in the legal procedures. She is someone who has a noteworthy training in the legal matters and investigates and analyzes when malpractices in any case takes place. She also supports during other legal procedures.

A candidate aspiring to be a nurse paralegal must have at least a bachelor’s degree in the field of paralegal studies. She must also complete her training as a registered nurse. An aspirant must have interest and sound knowledge in both medical and law. Discussed below are a nurse paralegal’s job duties.

Sample Nurse Paralegal Job Duties

  • A nurse paralegal is required to have expertise in the medical field and sound knowledge about the law as well.
  • She needs to prepare documents and reports that are to be presented before the court within the stipulated time frame that is granted.
  • She needs to go through and peruse many medical reports and documents to spot inaccuracies, if any.
  • She needs to go through all the insurance policies and the legal documents to make sure that a particular claim is legitimate.
  • She must arrest and avoid fraudulent claims by keeping a close check on all the documents and verifying the same with minute details.
  • She needs to execute a detailed and thorough research that might be needed to study a particular medical case.
  • She needs to recommend and provide in-depth knowledge to the insurance companies on specific cases.
  • She must assist the government entities and help them investigate and determine the most appropriate path of action needed in a case.
  • She must assist other professionals in preparing a legal case and render support with her expertise in legal field and matters. She must multi-task and her organisational skills must help proceed with a case.

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