Nurse Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Nurse Duties

Nurses are individuals who give professional assistance to doctors and other medical practitioners during the different stages of diagnosis, treatment, medication and recuperation. Nurses facilitate the treatment better as they serve as the link between the doctors and the patients. They do the work after doctors have done theirs and continue until the patients feel better. Nurses perform different nursing jobs depending on the medical area in the hospital they may be assigned to – pediatrics, nursery, ICUs or customer service.

Nurse Job Duties

  • Assess the health and other medical things that are needed by the patient.
  • Follow the doctor’s orders for better treatment of their patients.
  • Help the doctors to conduct various tests to diagnose conditions.
  • Maintain and keep patient’s medical history.
  • Educate and teach the patients for better caring for their health even they are at home for the needs of nutrition and other necessary medications.
  • Give enough information that will help people in terms of proper health care and medications.
  • Abide by their professional duties in accordance to the law of nursing mandated by the government and medical society.

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