Nurse Case Manager Job Duties

By | February 20, 2014

Nurse Case Manager Job Duties involve providing long term care and support to all the patients and assist the patients during their hospital stay. They are responsible for the comprehensive and quick recovery of the patients so that they go out of the hospital in a healthy manner. Case Manager Nurses work with a specific segment of the patients like cancer, HIV or paediatrics.

They coordinate with the insurance companies to offer the best care to the patients. These Nurse Case Manager are trained and well equipped with all the latest techniques and methods used in patient care segment. They guarantee a cost effective and most suitable treatment for the patients by co-ordinating with multi-level functionalities.

Nurse Case Manager Job Duties

  • Nurse Case Manager helps in the coordination process and allows the smooth flow of information between the patients and the doctors.
  • The surgeries are scheduled and arranged with the help of Nurse Case Managers.
  • The best and most suitable treatment plan is designed and created by these nursing professionals as their core job responsibility is to offer optimum care and support to their patients.
  • Managing all the health care needs of the patient is also the part of job responsibility of these trained nursing professionals.
  • The entire care plan of the patient is devised by these nurse case managers and they manage patient referral or admission, evaluation of results and a summation of the plan’s effectiveness, medication doses, administering therapies and treatments for all the patients.
  • Purchase services and health care resources are also managed by these nurses and they ensure that patients get access to all the required medical needs.
  • They offer prompt and effective care to all the patients by offering multifaceted support and services to all the patients who are designated to them.

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