Nun Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Nun Duties

Being a nun is a religious self-sacrifice. It is not actually a profession since nuns do not receive salary for being so. It is more of vocation than a profession. It is a kind of work where women dedicate their lives in the service of God of the Church. They perform normal house routine and at the same time do religious acts of evangelization, charity and service to people. Once a woman becomes a nun, she leaves out her earthly family and involves herself to a higher form of familial relationships – the Church.

Nun Job Duties

  • Give assistance to the needs of the church for any activity to be done.
  • Give supports to the church mission and vision.
  • Follow the will of God in accordance to their vows.
  • Serve the people and give lives to those that are left beyond.
  • Give inspiration to the many that are not belonging and to everyone as well.
  • Leads the prayer and meditate for long hours that as part of their duties to do in their everyday lives.
  • Do some counseling if needed.
  • Help and assist priest if necessary.
  • Be available to the needs of the many.
  • Support all the projects and activities of the church.
  • Help in the promotion of goodwill and right values in the nation.

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