Nuclear Technician Job Duties

By | January 1, 2014

A nuclear technician is one who is entrusted with the responsibility of working in the field of nuclear research and production. The job involves working and assisting engineers, physicists and other professionals who are operating in the field of nuclear science. The role of nuclear technician includes monitoring of the radiation levels, assisting professionals involve in nuclear production and nuclear research.

The nuclear technician profile involves application of nuclear code activities on the new and existing nuclear products. The nuclear documentation and drawing is also the responsibility of nuclear technician. The list of nuclear technician job duties is mentioned below:

Nuclear Technician Job Duties

  • The nuclear technician job duties include testing of products and concepts, changes of designs, project milestones completion and review of the products with the help of other members.
  • They must create complex models, assemblies and drawings required by the projects.
  • The specialised studies of body organs involve nuclear applications and nuclear technicians also assist physicians in diagnosis and identification of various diseases.
  • Nuclear technicians are also involved in measuring the power generation, radiations generated by nuclear experiments and numerous other activities.
  • In certain dangerous and hazardous conditions nuclear technicians must be able to raise alarm for the safety of the people and worker staying near the nuclear zone.
  • Educating people about the radiation safety procedures along with the apparel is also the responsibility of the nuclear technician.
  • They are responsible for evaluating and analysing various factors like temperature, radiation intensity, pressure etc to identify the appropriate functioning of the nuclear instruments.
  • Nuclear damage can cause great dangers and thus ensuring the safety of the instruments and workers is the responsibility of the nuclear technician.
  • They must adjust the instruments to enhance the performance of the nuclear instruments and equipments.
  • The nuclear technician must ensure the efficient and safe functioning on nuclear reactors and other equipments involve in nuclear generation.
  • Manage the recycling and disposal of nuclear waste.

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