Non Profit Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Many non-profit and voluntary organizations have come up now-a-days and there is no dearth of opportunities in this sector. If you work as a community development advisor, you will have to coach and support the Network Members so that they can design, plan and implement their initiatives within a stipulated time frame.

The job duties in this profession are quite diverse and so one can get a clear idea about them after going through this section.
Your additional job duties will be to evaluate Network Members on the basis of their performance throughout the year and provide them with necessary coaching and assistance on how they can improve their outcomes while keeping track on task, time and budget.

If you work as a Central major gift officer, your main job duty will be to identify and cultivate individual prospects in support of priorities of the organization. You have got major job duties if you work as a development associate. In this position, you will have to support the fundraising efforts of the organization from individuals and family foundations.

If you are working as a shelter director of any animal care unit, you will have to see that individualized animal care is taking place and must give stress on quality and excellent customer service.
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