NICU Nurse Job Duties

By | April 29, 2013

A NICU nurse is a nurse practitioner who is basically trained to provide care to neonates or assist pediatricians. A NICU nurse is a registered neonatal nurse who has specialized knowledge about the treatment and care of those babies who are prematurely born or have some kind of abnormalities from the time of birth. There are many different job duties and responsibility of a NICU nurse and in case you are interested to find more about these duties, then the following given part of the article will prove to be useful for you:

Sample NICU Nurse Job Duties

  •  A NICU nurse is required to provide care and medical attention to newly born babies and specially those who are premature or are suffering from disorders or abnormalities such as respiratory issues, heart conditions, very low weight etc.
  • A NICU nurse’s duty is to record the readings of the medical equipments like ventilators, thermometers, incubators etc so as to check the progress made by the baby.
  • A NICU nurse has to report to the pediatrician about the condition of the baby and take further directions and orders for the treatment.
  • It is the job duty of a NICU nurse to take part in staff meetings and conferences which are related to patient care etc.
  • Another major job duty of a person working as a NICU nurse is to provide a nursing plan and manage and implement the plan for the treatment of a newly born with abnormalities.
  • It is the duty of a NICU nurse to work in accordance with the hospital’s regulations and safety related rules.
  • A NICU nurse is also required to work with cooperation with other members of the nursing team or neonatal team.
  • Another duty is to train new nurses and subordinates.

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