News Paper Editor Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Newspaper Editor Duties

The news that comes to you after picking the paper at your doorsteps every morning would not be as organized and as meaningful if not with the newspaper editor who puts everything together and then makes sure that every news item would be worth your time. The newspaper editor does all editing, changing and improving of all the articles before each one will be ready for publication. He also has the tough job of weighing the value of each news article in order to find out which ones are for the front page and which ones will just be on any other page. Aside from that, newspaper editors do a lot of other things.

Newspaper Editor Job Duties

  • Determine where each article will be placed and in what section of the newspaper.
  • Determine what photos will be needed in the specific article.
  • Supervise and lead the reporters who work under them and may conduct performance reviews.
  • Newspaper editor determine the work schedules of their reporters as well as which assignments reporters will cover.
  • Assist and formulating headlines of the stories or articles.
  • Write regular column for their section of the paper.
  • Monitor and assure deadlines are being followed and have a final word on whether stories are published.
  • Make sure articles adhere to certain editorial leaning and quality standards.
  • Choose the best articles to be put in the newspaper.

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