Network Security Job Duties

By | January 4, 2012

A network security official is expected to manage and support various network security aspects. He/ She needs to assess hardware as well as software configurations for maintaining network security. A network security official also serves as a helping hand to the application developers and network engineers by giving inputs during the creation of secure systems.

Network Security Job Duties

  • A network security official’s includes working on different network security components and manage them well
  • He/ She is also expected to provide support for any issue arising on network security
  • A network security official assists the application developers while developing secure systems
  • He/ She must be able to work in accordance with other personnel as they are expected to assist network engineers while monitoring internet and intranet systems. These systems are monitored from time to time in order to ensure security. If there are any security threats, action is taken to resolve them.
  • He/ She is also expected to design security infrastructures.
  • He/ She needs to refer to the security policy and procedure of his/ her company or client, understand it well and comply with it.
  • He/ She needs to analyze the vulnerability of various systems from time to time and work on them to improve their security components.
  • A network security official also needs to evaluate the network infrastructure
  • He/ She must carry out investigations and also monitor intrusion detection
  • He/ She needs to have information about the usage of ISS and Net Ranger tools
  • He/ She must be well versed in handling various other tools such as SNORT, Real Secure and KSE.

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