Network Manager Job Duties

By | November 15, 2013

The basic job responsibilities of a network manger are planning, designing, directing, administering and coordinating system as well as subsystems of the network. They have to resolve any sort of issues arising in the network operations. It is the network manager who manages the entire network, computer hardware as well as software.

It is a challenging role in the field of Information Technology as they have to maintain the company network all the time. It is necessary that a network manger possesses excellent knowledge in the IT field, good team skills and ability to solve problems instantly. List of various network manager job duties are mentioned below:

Network Manager Job Duties

  • Network manager is required to handle all the system as well as servers that are related with the network of the company.
  • Network manager is required to communicate with the staff regarding various issues that may arise during installation of network. They also have to support or assist in implementing the company policies and procedures.
  • Network manager is required to extend help in staff assignments, network activities, and computer operations in order to provide service to external agencies and organizations by fulfilling objectives of the company.
  • Network manager is required to provide support in preparing bid specifications in order to purchase required devices like routers, computers and necessary software.
  • Network manager is required to implement computer networks, network infrastructures and server in order ensure proper operating systems.
  • Network manager is required to install computer equipments and software on various platforms in order to maintain and upgrade the process.
  • Network manager is required to check for any default in the network and repair any failure arising in the network.
  • Network manager is required to ensure that the work is done within the given budget.

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