Network Engineer Job Duties

By | July 15, 2011

Network Engineer Duties

The major job of a network engineer is to check all the systems which are connected over a huge network. He checks all the functions and system performance and make sure that all are in exact working position. He checks that all the systems are associated with the network and configured properly so that they can be managed easily.

Job duties of Network Engineer

  • Network engineer duty is to check that all the systems are working properly and their performance is according to the customer’s needs.
  • Network engineer add customized programs, check the system performance and make sure that all the hardware and software are working properly.
  • He checks that all the systems are properly associated with each other or not, if doesn’t than he make them to make a link with each other.
  • His duty is to maintain emergency system as soon as possible.
  • Keep on checking the network performance over which all the system are linked up.
  • Expand, retrieve and set up all the necessary software’s which are necessary in a system.
  • Network engineer records the data associated with the system performance and find the better solution of the problem faced by the user.
  • Control and install all the security features in the systems.

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