Nephrologist Job Duties

By | July 16, 2013

A nephrologist is a specialist who largely diagnoses kidney-related medical problems. A nephrologists’ basic concern is to treat kidney diseases and prevent it from stopping to function. There are a number of duties delegated to a nephrologist. He must record entire patient history and suggest relevant test before beginning the new treatment. Given below are some of his basic duties in brief.

Sample Nephrologist Job Duties

  • A nephrologist must manage kidney-related diseases by diagnosing the extent of damage, injury or disorders. He must also evaluate the extent of disease and plan a treatment thereafter.
  • A nephrologist must carefully study a patient’s disease history before starting with any treatment.
  • A nephrologist must also conduct physical examination of the patient and advise further examinations and tests, if required.
  • A nephrologist must carry out a biopsy of the patient’s kidney and supervise the required drug treatment.
  • A nephrologist must use appropriate tools and equipment while treating a patient’s kidney ailments.
  • A nephrologist must recommend a good oncologist to the patient on detecting a tumourous kidney.
  • A nephrologist must also prescribe a care, medical and maintenance routine post the surgery to the patient.
  • A nephrologist needs to transplant kidney in cases that are found and declared serious.
  • A nephrologist must take special care in case of a transplant. He must administer and treat it in way as to counteract the infection and prevent the rejection of the transplanted kidney.
  • A nephrologist must also take special care when arranging for a donor and look for donor compatibility and opt only for legal and fair donor sourcing.
  • A nephrologist must make sure to update and record the patient’s case and treatment and keep it well documented.
  • A nephrologist must keep himself well updated with all the developments and techniques being used in world of kidney surgeries.

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