Neonatal Nursing Job Duties

By | February 24, 2014

A neonatal nurse is one who is in charge of the new born babies in a hospital. Neonatal nursing job duties revolve around nursing and resuscitation of the new born babies, help mother to take care of the new born etc. The role of a neonatal nurse in a hospital is of vital importance as newborn infants may have many complications such as pre-term birth, congenital difficulties etc.

The nurse has to provide extra care to these infants as they cannot communicate the difficulty. Thus a practical nurse should have natural affiliation for babies in order to do justice to this position.

Neonatal Nursing Job Duties

  • Providing full time care to the premature babies born at the hospital apart from helping the mother feed the baby at regular intervals.
  • Keeping track of every moment of the babies for any kind of discomfort or pain and report immediately to the pediatrician for suitable treatment.
  • Provide assistance to the mother in feeding the baby in appropriate manner and also administering medication in the correct dosage and way to the babies.
  • The candidate also assists in bathing the new born babies, changing clothes and administering all general medication at timely interval.
  • It is the duty of the neonatal nurse to help protect the new born babies from all kinds of potential infections at every stage by keeping all the items used for the baby in a proper sterilized manner.
  • The neonatal nurse has the duty of checking the temperature levels and oxygen supply to babies kept in the incubator and reports any abnormalities immediately to the pediatrician on duty.
  • Neonatal nurse also has to provide treatment to the newborn babies with intravenous treatment and tube feeding for babies facing any abnormalities with great care.
  • Neonatal nurse should check the incubator, ventilator and IV fluids for proper functioning every now and then without fail.

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