Nail Technician Job Duties

By | July 10, 2012

Nail Technician Job Duties include conducting nail, foot and hand treatments. These professionals must have a sound knowledge about performing various nail treatments. They must also know how to provide massages on foot and hand. Though there is no specific degree required for this profession, it is recommended to undergo a training program that is specifically designed for the Nail Technicians.

These professionals must take care that these treatments are done under proper hygienic conditions. A Nail Technician must also have a pleasing personality and good communication skills as they are required to deal directly with the clients.

Nail Technician Job Duties

  • Nail Technician is required to carry out nail treatments using different professional tools.
  • Nail Technician also needs to perform hand and foot treatments, especially massages.
  • Nail Technician needs to apply nail paint on the hand and foot nails.
  • Nail Technician is required to use various tools and equipments to carry out nail treatments and give massages.
  • Nail Technician is required to ensure that the tools and equipments used for performing the massages are maintained properly and kept clean under hygienic conditions.
  • Nail Technician needs to practice good sanitation habits.
  • Nail Technician is required to speak to the clients and understand the specific nail service he or she intends to undergo.
  • Nail Technician needs to understand the client’s budget and suggest him options accordingly.
  • Nail Technician needs to give details about the treatments to the clients. He needs to explain about the various available treatments.
  • Nail Technician is required to help the clients in choosing an appropriate treatment package as per their requirement.
  • Nail Technician needs to greet the clients with a smile and make them feel comfortable before taking them through the treatment.
  • Nail Technician needs to ensure that the parlor/spa is kept clean and tidy at all times.

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