Musician Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Musician Duties

Music is said to be healing and comforting. As a result, musicians are working in many different areas, at different times, singing different genre of songs and tunes. Musicians add life to a human story and add a story to a human life. This is the reason why musician are hired to work in many occasion in the lives of families and friends. Musicians also carry out a number of job duties.

Musician Job Duties

  • Showcase their talent in front of the crowd.
  • Can perform individually or in group.
  • Play two or more instrument.
  • Record songs for television, theatre, movie or for radio.
  • Share his music talent to other interested to learn.
  • Must be on time whenever there are group rehearsals or meeting.
  • Actively participating in discussion about what to be performed or the genre of to be performed.
  • Teach his or own knowledge when needed.
  • Suggest and formulate good ideas relating to music or to the performance.
  • Give melody to the simple poem.
  • Confidently perform in front of the large audience.
  • Actively participate in the assessment of the performance after the performance.

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