Music Teacher Job Duties

By | April 5, 2012

Music teacher job duties include providing education related to different musical instruments and rhythms. It is essential to have a bachelor’s degree in music in order to teach this subject. A Master’s degree in this field is an added advantage. Music teachers must have a sound knowledge about all the musical instruments and specialization in at least one of them.

Music Teacher Job Duties

  • Music Teachers are required to give music lessons to the students.
  • Music Teachers offer both vocal music lessons as well as instrumental music lessons to the students, though different teachers may specialize in different kind of music.
  • Music Teachers assess their students’ performance and grade them accordingly.
  • Music Teachers design assignments for their students and instruct them on how to do it.
  • Music Teachers design study programs for their students.
  • Music Teachers prepare their students for musical performances and examinations.
  • Music Teachers conduct class room sessions; both theoretical sessions as well as practical ones.
  • Music Teachers must stay updated with the knowledge about various musical instruments.
  • Music Teachers prepare students for group as well as individual performances.
  • Music Teachers may offer career advice related to this field to the students.
  • Music Teachers may conduct further research on the subject so as to enhance their knowledge about music and also share it with their students.
  • Music Teachers are required to maintain the students’ attendance records.
  • Music Teachers also maintain the performance reports of the students.
  • Music Teachers also participate in organizing musical events for their school or the educational institution they are working for.

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