Motor Vehicle Inspector Job Duties

By | August 7, 2010

Motor Vehicle Inspector Duties

As a motor vehicle inspector, your primary duty will be to ensure that all vehicles are plying on the city roads as per in compliance with the government regulations and safety standards. You basic job duty will be to make those checks on a regular basis.

Job Duties of a Motor Vehicle Inspector

  • Besides inspecting the truck accessories, you will also look after the air lines and the electric circuits. After inspection, you will have to report the much needed repairs.
  • You will have to examine the vehicles for damage, and if necessary, drive them to detect the malfunctions.
  • You will have to apply inspection sticker to the vehicles that pass the inspection test, and the rejection sticker on those vehicles that fail.
  • Your major job responsibility will be to prepare the report on each vehicle for follow-up action by the owner or the police.
  • You need to prepare and keep a record of the vehicles delivered. This will help to keep a ready list of the vehicles which has been tested, repaired and properly delivered.
  • You will have to service the vehicles regularly with fuel and water.
  • Another important job duty is notifying the authorities or the owners having illegal equipment installed on their vehicles. They can be fined for not complying with the government regulations.

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