Mortgage Underwriter Job Duties

By | April 5, 2012

Mortgage Underwriter Job Duties include evaluating the mortgage loan applications and verifying them. He/ She is required to find out about the customer’s background and payment history of other loans undertaken by him. It is essential to possess at least a high school diploma or an equivalent diploma/ certificate in order to get into this position. A candidate aspiring for this position must also have complete knowledge about the mortgage processes and procedures.

Mortgage Underwriter Job Duties

  • Mortgage Underwriters are required to evaluate the mortgage loan applications received from various potential clients and judge whether a person would be able to repay the loan amount or not.
  • Mortgage Underwriters are required to verify the mortgage loan applications by going through the details.
  • Mortgage Underwriters are employed at banks and other financial institutions and need to work around 40 hours a week. They are required to sit in the office for most part and may even be required to go on field visit to meet the clients.
  • Mortgage Underwriters need to analyze the information given on loan applications and other documents.
  • Mortgage Underwriters need to check the applicant’s credit history as well as his/ her current income.
  • Mortgage Underwriters have the right to approve or decline the mortgage request after studying about the applicant’s track record.
  • Mortgage Underwriters keep the internal as well as insurer guidelines in mind while taking the credit decisions.
  • Mortgage Underwriters may be required to negotiate the loan terms for the clients, if required.
  • Mortgage Underwriters need to prepare mortgage reports.

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