Mortgage Loan Officer Job Duties

By | July 15, 2011

Mortgage Loan Officer Duties

The major duty of the Mortgage loan officer is to provide loan to the peoples on behalf of their legal property. Mortgage loan officers are the members of any financial institutions or are basically connected with the banks. Their major duty is to avail loan facility to the peoples and companies on behalf of their related property.

Job duties of Mortgage Loan Officer

  • Their major duty deals with making a relationship with those peoples who have basic requirements of loan, generally these peoples are businessmen and mostly common peoples.
  • Mortgage loan officer should be capable of marketing polices and promoting offers that are given by the bank or any financial institutions.
  • They should able to convince client by knowing the attractive policies of loan on behalf of their property.
  • They should able to carry out assessment of borrower and his monetary status.
  • Must have the ability to perform valuation of property.
  • Capable of communicating with the customers and suggest better response to their queries related with the loan.
  • They must explain the full procedure of the mortgage loan and the major conditions of the repayments to the customers.
  • Keeping targets in view and functioning towards meeting those objectives.

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