Ministry of the Church Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Ministry of the Church Duties

Churches unify people in their beliefs. People may have different beliefs and so there are a number of churches for everyone’s religious preferences and ideals. The one who manages and organizes the members of the church and all its activities and undertaking is the minister. The minister of the church performs duties called for religious, social and civic aspirations of the said church. He is someone who is highly respected as one of the authorities of the congregation.

Ministry of the Church Job Duties

  • Give inspiration to the lives of the many.
  • Give the needed assistance to those that are truly in need.
  • Give help and assistance to the activities of the church for better kind of living to the many.
  • Serve the church and its member especially during mass.
  • Attend the mass as a necessary thing to do and serve.
  • Ensure that mass to be done by the priest is in control.
  • Facilitate activities that are in relation to the church.
  • Facilitate and active in promoting goodwill to the many.
  • Facilitate and organize activities that will give enough learning for better spiritual growth of the many.

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