Midwifery Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Midwifery Duties

Many studies prove that birthrates, these days, are so much higher than death rates. As a result, we continue to have this population explosion that brings about so many world problems and increasing need for more resources. The professional who handles the delivery of these babies is the midwife. The midwife responds to birth-giving emergencies in place of a doctor and even acts as a pediatrician after the delivery. The midwife’s work entails a little of everything.

Midwifery Job Duties

  • Provide prenatal care and counseling the pregnant woman throughout the pregnancy stage.
  • Monitor the condition and health of the Parent.
  • Carefully do the laboratories screening and performs different examinations.
  • Give the parent information about planning a birth plan that covers how they would like their baby’s birth to go.
  • Suggest and refer the patients to go to physicians if she wants or need a higher treatment.
  • Provide some kind of postpartum follow up for better care after a baby is born.
  • Handle annual exams that matters to the welfare of any giving birth mothers.
  • Relaying proper information to the many parents that matters about birth control, good lifestyle choices and other matters about healthy life.
  • Facilitate different kinds of orientation that matters about women’s health issues.

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