Merchandiser Job Duties

By | June 22, 2012

Merchandiser Job Duties include promoting the company’s products and services using innovative marketing methods. It is essential to have a degree in marketing in order to get into this position. These professionals are mostly employed in the retail industry and are required to handle a number of other tasks; few of these are mentioned below in detail.

Merchandiser Job Duties

  • Merchandiser is required to understand the company’s requirements and work upon providing the best possible services.
  • Merchandiser is required to select the range of products for the retail store he is working for after studying the latest market trends.
  • Merchandiser needs to speak to various manufacturers and suppliers in order to understand the deals being offered by them and choose the best possible deal.
  • Merchandiser is required to arrange the stock in the retail store in a manner that it is able to grab the attention of the customers.
  • Merchandiser is required to look for new and innovative ways of arranging the stock.
  • Merchandiser is required to ensure that he changes the display of goods from time to time.
  • Merchandiser is required to negotiate the deal with the suppliers.
  • Merchandiser needs to ensure that all the work being handled by him is done as per the policies and procedures set by the company.
  • Merchandiser is required to prepare reports related to the tasks handled by him.
  • Merchandiser needs to see to it that the business activities performed by him fall under the budget set by the company.
  • Merchandiser is required to see to it that the required paper work of the activities handled by him is complete.
  • Merchandiser may be required to take feedback about the products from the customers.
  • Merchandiser is also required to predict the market trends and order the stock accordingly.
  • Merchandiser is required to coordinate with the other staff members at the retail store to carry out various activities.

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