Mental Health Technician Job Duties

By | January 19, 2012

Mental Health Technicians offer nursing care to the mentally challenged and emotionally disturbed patients. The job is not easy as it requires immense patience and care. In order to become a Mental Health Technician, one needs to have a relevant degree. At the time of hiring, preference is given to the candidates with prior work experience in the same field.

Mental Health Technician Job Duties

  • Mental Health Technicians perform basic psychiatric care nursing.
  • They monitor the patients on a regular basis, evaluate their condition and prepare their reports accordingly.
  • They study the track record of the patients and assist the doctors and other health care professionals in the ongoing treatment.
  • Mental Health Technicians provide personal care to the patients. They try to figure out the requirements of the patients and treat them accordingly.
  • They escort the patients to other wards; take them out in the garden area for a breath of fresh air and at various other places as suggested by the doctors.
  • They are required to keep a record of the vital signs of the patients.
  • Their job duties also involve observing the patient’s behaviour and documenting it regularly.
  • Mental Health Technicians administer the medications of the mentally ill patients.
  • They also handle certain less complicated cases under the guidance of the doctors.
  • Mental Health Technicians acts as a link between the patient, his/her family and the hospital staff. They try to build a friendly atmosphere so that the patients feel comfortable.
  • They also intervene during critical situations and work under the supervision of health care professionals such as doctors, nurses, etc.

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