Mental Health Counselor Job Duties

By | April 5, 2012

Mental Health Counselor Job Duties include providing assistance to individuals suffering from ill mental health. This may be caused due to any reason including marital problems, parenting issues, excess work load, study stress and various other reasons. They work with individuals as well as groups in order to ensure mental health of their patients.

Mental Health Counselor Job Duties

  • Mental Health Counselors need to understand the patient’s problem and help them deal with it.

  • Mental Health Counselors carry out patient’s treatment and ensure that the treatment records remain confidential.

  • Mental Health Counselors discuss the patient’s issues and encourage them to express their emotions and feelings. This is essential to know as to what all is going on in the patient’s life in order to treat him accordingly.

  • Mental Health Counselors guide the patients to cope up with their mental health problems.

  • Mental Health Counselors maintain a record of the patient’s problems and the treatments they are undergoing.

  • Mental Health Counselors conduct group counselling sessions for the patients undergoing similar mental illnesses.

  • Mental Health Counselors attend meetings and seminars that discuss mental health issues and the ways to tackle them in order to enhance their knowledge about the subject.

  • Mental Health Counselors need to act wisely and patiently in difficult situation.

  • Mental Health Counselors are required to prepare treatment plans to assist the patients.

  • Mental Health Counselors may speak to the patient’s families and discuss the patient’s health issues and progress with them.

  • Mental Health Counselors are expected to make changes in the patient’s treatments in case no improvement is seen.

  • Mental Health Counselors may conduct workshops on mental health issues.

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