Medical Technologies Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Medical Technologies Duties

The role of medical technician to the life of people is very important.  They can do first aid that is the first step. They are excellent in terms of analytical and problem solving.  Medical Technician is also detailed oriented and know how to use computer proficiently, also they can work under stress and time pressure since they maybe under constrains or have to make a quick life or death decisions.

Medical Technologies Job Duties

  • Immediately respond to emergency scenes.
  • Perform task such as CPR, checking vitals, incubation and setting splints.
  • Collect samples, run the test and carefully analyze test results.
  • Perform the test carefully such as EKG
  • Assist in relating to heart monitoring.
  • Assist the needed assistance from the Doctors during surgery.
  • Strictly records and documents the results or activities through logs, recording or formal report.
  • Explain the procedures to the patient carefully.
  • Coordinate and communicate to other Medical Technician and staff.
  • Ensure that the patient is prepared for teat, move patients from place to place.
  • Keep their working area as clean as possible.

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