Medical Technician Job Duties

By | January 4, 2012

Medical technicians conduct certain basic laboratory tasks like examining and testing samples and recording the results thereafter. The medical field is vast and thus medical technicians specialize in different fields. While most of the medical technicians work under the supervision of laboratory technologists, some of them may directly report to pathologists or doctors.

Medical Technician Job Duties

  • A medical technician must be able to perform the various lab operations such as collecting the samples, analyzing and processing them efficiently.

  • He/ She must also have knowledge about performing tests and documenting their results as this is the main task of a medical technician

  • It is the duty of a medical technician to ensure quality control and follow maintenance procedures

  • He/ She must work in accordance with the policies and procedures of the lab

  • He must possess good communication skills as the medical technician’s job often requires communicating with the hospital staff in order to share information about the various samples and their results.

  • He/ She must be aware about the use of different medical equipments in order to perform the various lab tasks efficiently

  • He/ She must have knowledge about the principles of clinical laboratory science
  • He/ She must have the ability to make technical judgements as these are required while handling the tasks at laboratory
  • A medical technician should be able to understand and comply to the written instructions
  • He must consult and interact with other team members at the laboratory as well as other healthcare personnel working in various other labs in order to learn and understand various new procedures

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