Medical Secretary Job Duties

By | October 18, 2013

Medical secretaries are ones who are responsible for secretarial work in hospitals or any medical unit. They need to be equipped with good knowledge of the various medical terminologies. In order to work as a Medical secretary, one has to possess good computer and typing skills apart from being friendly to extend their support to their team at all times.

Medical Secretary Job Duties

  • A medical secretary is responsible for scheduling and confirming patient appointments and medical tests or surgeries.
  • The candidate would need to maintain all the patient files, records and answer all the patient queries with regard to the same.
  • The responsibility of answering all the calls and direct them to the appropriate person will also have to be undertaken by the medical secretary.
  • The candidate is also responsible for retrieving patient information with regard to their health issues, past history, medical insurance and also filling and maintaining the forms correctly.
  • Also the candidate is required to send the medical test results through mail to the appropriate department and always have a back up of the same.
  • A medical secretary is responsible to check on all the medical supplies and other equipments and ordering the same as and when required.
  • Even maintenance of all financial records and preparation of reports of all the statements and bills is the responsibility of a medical secretary.
  • The candidate should be able to connect with all the staff and patients to handle all issues that arise.
  • Even the admission of patients properly into the hospital is the key duty that a medical secretary should fulfill.
  • The candidate also has to send patient letters and other clinical reports.
  • A medical secretary is also responsible to handle all the doctor’s appointments and prepare the schedule for the doctor according to his availability.

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