Medical Sales Representative Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Medical Sales Representative Duties

The basic job of a medical sales representative is to increase the sale of medicines of the medical company. As far as his job duties are concerned, he acts as a key link between the medical and pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare professionals. They work strategically to increase the sales of a company’s pharmaceutical and medical products in primary care trusts and hospitals.

Job Duties of a Medical Sales Representative

  • He will have to arrange appointments with pharmacists, doctors and hospital medical teams, which may consist of pre-arranged schedules or usual ‘cold’ calling.
  • He needs to make presentations to the doctors, observe employees and nurses in GP surgeries, doctors, and pharmacists in the retail sector.
  • They have to organize doctor’s conferences and other medical staff.
  • They will have to constantly make and sustain positive working relationships with medical personnel and supporting organization staff.
  • They are expected to convince the medical professionals that their products or services that will be useful for their medical needs, making the deal successful by agreeing the terms and conditions, and offering them an after-sales service.
  • His major job duty will be scrutinizing the actions taken by their competitors and their diverse products.

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