Medical Office Administrator Job Duties

By | February 28, 2012

A Medical Office Administrator manages various activities to run the health services business appropriately. In order to get into this position one needs to possess a degree in health sciences, health services administration or business administration. Employers generally seek candidates with relevant experience in this field. Medical office administrator job duties include handling accounting, budgeting and various other tasks.

Medical Office Administrator Job Duties

  • A medical office administrator is responsible for handling various business activities in order to ensure smooth functioning of the business.
  • He is required to direct various healthcare related tasks.
  • He needs to coordinate with different departments in order to seek their support for different healthcare related tasks.
  • A medical office administrator needs to supervise his subordinates to ensure that the healthcare tasks are performed efficiently.
  • He may be required to handle the entire task individually or may even have to work as a part of a team.
  • He is responsible for handling accounting work such as maintaining the financial balancing.
  • A medical office administrator is also involved in budgeting and payroll functions
  • He is responsible for figuring out the requirement of various utility items at the hospital or health care centre and purchasing supplies.
  • He is expected to handle the patient’s billing information.
  • A medical office administrator is required to work in close association with the physicians.
  • He may be involved in planning and developing new policies and procedures.
  • He may also be involved in evaluating his subordinates and giving them feedback about their work.
  • A medical office administrator is also involved in maintaining monthly reports of various healthcare activities.

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