Medical Lab Technician Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Medical Lab Technician Duties

The job of a Medical Lab Technician is basically a technical work. Being a Medical Lab Technician you need to direct and perform regular and non-standardized test and examination under general supervision of a clinical laboratory. Your duties will involve liability to perform a range of standard and highly focused examinations and tests.

Job Duties of Medical Lab Technician

  • You will have to perform complex tests and examinations and re-tests wherever abnormal or atypical results are found. You will have to take the charge for maintaining a large record of supplies in a scientific storeroom.
  • One of the most important duties of yours includes preparing the laboratories for students use. Give instructions and participate in the job of other technical employees conducting a variety of difficult examinations.
  • You will execute the chemical studies of samples and specimens. Do special tests and allied diagnostic procedures.
  • You will have to conduct hematological examinations like blood counts, blood groupings and smears for differential counts.
  • Give instructions to the students to follow the correct methods of surgical work. One of your chief responsibilities is conducting complex and independent researches and clinical procedures.
  • You must prepare the technical reports and results of laboratory tests and examinations.

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