Medical Health Officer Job Duties

By | December 3, 2010

Medical Health Officer Duties

The Medical Health Officer is the head of the health department of an organization. The Medical Health officer looks after the administration, working and services of the various hospitals and clinics under his area. He has to go through routine checks of the proper running of these medical institutions.

Medical Health Officer Job Duties

  • Responsible for planning and implementing various medical health programs.
  • Conducted checks of the various departments of the organization and managed staff.
  • Conducted training programmes for new incoming staff and nurses.
  • Responsible for planning and evaluating various health programs and strategies
  • Assessed health care camps in various places dissemination information on good health practices.
  • Provided patients with information about all local health-care programs including disease-prevention programs.
  • Managed nursing staff and their schedules.
  • Guided proper maintenance of laboratory and test rooms and their cleanliness.
  • Responsible for giving information on prevention of diseases and precautions to be taken during various illnesses.
  • Managed patients and supervised their health progress.
  • Provided training to the junior colleagues on application of medical facilities.
  • Supervise specific services in the hospital and medical clinic.
  • Inspected hygiene and safety concerns of the hospital.

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