Medical Examiner Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Medical Examiner Duties

The job duty of a medical examiner is to scrutinize a dead body thoroughly and summarize a report regarding the analysis and hand it over to the relevant authorities for advanced investigation. They may have to write death certificates in certain cases.

Job Duties of a Medical Examiner

  • His most important job duty is to investigate unexpected and abnormal deaths.
  • He must perform forensic medicine as well as provide pathology consultations.
  • He should provide guidance to the families and clarify to them concerning the manner and reasons of death.
  • His duty is to act as a source of knowledge regarding forensic pathology and all-purpose forensic science information.
  • He is expected to confirm in the court to facts and analysis revealed by autopsies executed by the examiner, or as directed in front of the examiner.
  • He will have to┬ámake physical check ups and tests incidents to any criminal incident for consideration before either court or district attorney when appealed to do so.
  • Performing duties like pathological or medico legal nature also falls under his job duties as may be required.
  • During passing off any order or writ or ongoing inquiry, it will be his duty to serve the subpoenas and be present as a witness.

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