Medical Doctor Job Duties

By | September 27, 2010

Medical Doctor Duties

The Medical Doctors are of two types – one who is carrying out private practice in a locality rendering consultancy and prescribing medicines to the patients after thorough examination and diagnosis. The other is – a doctor employed in a private or Government hospital or nursing home part/full time depending on their specializations. Private practitioners may also work as visiting consultants in major hospitals if their specialization so demands. Such doctors’ private practice may be restricted to a few hours, morning or evening or both.  In both the cases, they owe responsibility in rendering best medical advice with aim to cure the patients’ illnesses.

Job Duties of Medical Doctors

  • Update professional knowledge besides skills;
  • Ensure to work within the ambit of competency and refrain from providing service not outside the field of specialization;
  • Refer to professionals of other specializations for immediate medical advice or attention;
  • Prescribe diagnostic tests for diagnosing the ailment and prescribe correct medicines;
  • Take responsibility for wrongful action and compensate the affected patients for negligence;
  • Give a patient hearing to patients and address their concerns and choices;
  • Comfort the patients with caring to improve and maintain their health by giving advices and suggestions;
  • Act without delay in case of emergencies and never discriminate unfairly on caste, creed and colour;
  • Work with colleagues to ensure equal caring towards patients’ difficulties and interests;
  • Show respect for human life and make the care of the patients as first concern;
  • Recruit, train and supervise junior doctors, nurses and ward boys and inculcate the responsibility of their obligations towards human beings;
  • Question the irresponsible attitudes and behaviours of junior staff and initiate corrective actions;
  • Maintain hospital or clinics’ decorum, cleanliness;
  • Be polite and courteous to everyone.

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