Media Manager Job Duties

By | June 22, 2012

Media Manager is required to manage the team handling the work related to media planning, media buying, media relations, etc. In smaller organization there may be a single media manager who looks at all these media activities while in bigger media houses there may be different media managers specializing in different fields such as media buying, media relations, planning, content generation, etc. It is recommended to pursue a degree in mass communication and media or journalism if you are aspiring to get into this position. Getting into the managerial position also requires a good amount of experience in this field.

Media Manager Job Duties

  • Media Manager is required to meet the clients to understand their advertising requirements and work upon attaining the same.
  • Media Manager is required to understand the client’s budget and plan the work accordingly.
  • Media Manager needs to prepare an estimate of the cost involved in planning and running the advertising campaigns.
  • Media Manager needs to determine which media should be used for advertising campaigns. This is decided based on the client’s budget and also on the target audience.
  • Media Manager is required to ensure that the advertising campaign is ready before the deadline given by the client.
  • Media Manager is required to suggest the client as to when he should schedule the advertisement or promotional activity for his product and services.
  • Media Manager is required to coordinate with the other departments such as the marketing department, advertising department, etc.
  • Media Manager is required to maintain cordial relations with the clients as well as other people from the media industry.
  • Media Manager may be required to handle projects in association with the PR agencies or other media houses.
  • Media Manager is required to review the press releases written by the journalists and other media personnel and see if any editing is required.

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