Media Job Duties

By | June 22, 2012

Media job duties are the ones which are performed by the people who are a part of the media industry. It must be remembered that media is a huge field which encompasses several subdivisions like print media, television media, publicity agencies etc. Media job duties chiefly involve getting news across to an audience. This should be done in the most sincere manner possible.

  • Granting the necessity of grabbing eyeballs, and maintaining ratings as well as viewership, care should be taken to neither sensationalize news nor trivialize it.
  • News, today, has become a commodity. This is an attitude that must be eschewed as the audience, whether the television viewing audience or the newspaper reading one, has a right of access to correct and honest reporting.
  • As far as other kinds of media are concerned, like film, drama etc., care should be taken to achieve a delicate balance between audience expectations and the director’s sensibilities. Such an artistic endeavor has to come about by the interaction and productive collaboration of many individuals and departments.

Thus, media job duties will also vary from one aspect of media to another and one can only ensure that the duties of the individual are carried out to the utmost, with sincerity and dedication.

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