Media Consultant Job Duties

By | March 20, 2014

Media Consultant is required in many fields of business such as telecommunication, advertising, sales, online marketing firms and even for individuals to create a brand or image to the public. These executives work towards building a name and image of a corporate house or an individual for promotion purposes. They are also responsible for maintaining public relations with clients and consumers. Media consultant job duties are different for each business or for each individual client.

Media Consultant Job Duties

  • One of the major areas where image matter is written is media. Media consultants are responsible for drafting news, press releases and articles for different magazines/ newspapers and websites.
  • The candidate has to arrange for speaking engagements as well as devising the preparation such as writing a speech, listing discussion topics etc.
  • Development of promotion plans starts with his authority. It is decided upon by a meeting with other managers and executives in the organization.
  • Another area that a media consultant has to look into is designing and implementing promotional drives or public relation campaigns for a company or an individual.
  • For today’s media consultant it is equally important to prepare electronic media image along with corporate image. This includes preparing material to be published online, web site designing, brochure designing and advertising on different search engines.
  • Social media consultant in new age advertising takes care of social media image. This benefits small cap organizations to connect with their consumers in a smother way.
  • Political parties have their own media consultant, who takes care of their candidate’s image in society. He makes sure the candidate generates goodwill and promotes party agendas in a positive way.
  • In case of corporate media consultancy, the candidate is responsible for creating goodwill among fellow businesses and banks. This image is a measure for credibility of the firm.

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