Media Buyer Job Duties

By | June 22, 2012

Media Buyer job duties include purchasing media space for their clients, negotiating the deal while purchasing it and monitoring it. It is essential to undergo a relevant course if you are aspiring to get into this position. Most employers prefer hiring candidates having relevant work experience. Though most of them also offer training to these professionals after hiring them. One must have good communication and inter-personal skills in order to handle this position efficiently.

Media Buyer Job Duties

  • Media Buyer is required to negotiate the rates of the media space with the clients and sign deal with them.
  • Media Buyer is required to understand all the terms and conditions related to the media space they are opting for.
  • Media Buyer needs to purchase the best possible media space after looking at all the available options.
  • Media Buyer is required to monitor the media space for his clients.
  • Media Buyer needs to ensure that the media space chosen by him is visited by a large number of people.
  • Media Buyer is mostly required to work for advertising and media agencies.
  • Media Buyer may work for television, newspapers, magazines, internet, etc. He may handle two or more clients simultaneously.
  • Media Buyer is required to work in association with the media planner. He needs to coordinate with the media planner for scheduling various activities.
  • Media Buyer needs to figure out the target audience for the different media campaigns to be run by him and plan the campaign accordingly.
  • Media Buyer is required to have complete knowledge about the industry distribution figures, number of audience, etc.
  • Media Buyer needs to plan and observe the buying strategies.
  • Media Buyer is required to deal with the clients and is expected to maintain cordial relations with them in order to bring in business.
  • Media Buyer also needs to work with the media sales companies.

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