Media Assistant Job Duties

By | June 22, 2012

Media Assistant is required to assist the media manager and other team members handling media related work in performing various tasks. A Media Assistant is required to follow the instructions of his supervisors and help them with different media activities. It is essential to pursue a course in mass media and communication in order to get into this position. Having some experience in the media industry helps in handling the tasks efficiently.

Media Assistant Job Duties

  • Media Assistant is required to help the media planner and other staff members from the media department in carrying out various media related tasks.
  • Media Assistant is required to attend production meetings and coordinate with the production department for scheduling the media activities.
  • Media Assistant is required to make sure that the work assigned by the clients is completed within the committed time.
  • Media Assistant is required to work on MS Office. He should thus have a sound knowledge of MS Excel, MS Word, MS Power point, etc.
  • Media Assistant is required to work on various media projects along with the other members of the team.
  • Media Assistant may be required to do multi-tasking while working on the media projects.
  • Media Assistant needs to study the trade publications on a regular basis to find out about the new media trends.
  • Media Assistant needs to make sure that the being done is as per the policies set by the company.
  • Media Assistant needs to conduct media research to collect relevant data.
  • Media Assistant is involved in writing the press releases and newsletters for the company.
  • Media Assistants needs to work on different media applications as requested by the client.
  • Media Assistant needs to ensure that all the required paper work related to the deals signed with the clients is complete.
  • Media Assistant is required to ensure that the client is provided quality work.



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